You can find the presentation on the platform series here:

Cornerstone for a whole series

What is the foundation stone for a house is the V-platform at SCHAKE-VECTOR - everything is built on it.

One platform - many possibilities

The focus of the platform series is modularity, so several superstructures can be mounted on one platform.

Spoilt for choice

In addition to the large number of individual superstructures, the configurability within the individual superstructures is an enormous advantage in finding the right solution for every application.

Here today, there tomorrow

With a weight of 1320 kg and dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2.4 m, the superstructures are easy to load. Loading is done by crane or forklift, so the superstructures can be used temporarily or long-term at different locations.

Corporate Design

In addition to the claim of bringing process-optimising complete solutions to the market, we have the claim that our products have an attractive appearance. The individual superstructures are characterised by large radii and compact dimensions in order to create a uniform overall appearance.

Wind and weather

Due to the low centre of gravity of the platform made of stainless steel and concrete, the superstructures always have a secure stand and can also be delivered with a statics on request. The attachments and components are also selected to withstand the harsh conditions and weather.

Over Hill and Stone

Each V-platform has fully retractable threaded feet that help keep it level even on rough terrain.


Gradually, more and more superstructures are also being delivered with a network connection to further accelerate processes by allowing things to be controlled remotely and data to be recorded. The best example is the access terminal, which can receive access rights from the web and issue statements about the flow of people.