In addition to its mobile and modular design, the turnstile based on the V-platform impresses with its innovative technology and modern look.
Predestined areas of use are the construction site and the event area, where it can be used both permanently installed and mobile.

The V-Turnstiles can be configured in our online shop.
The user interface, access control and fence connection can be freely configured.

Technical data


Dimensions LxWxH 2.00×2.00×2.41 m
Weight 1333 kg
Passage width 0.85 m

General characteristics

Profile cylinder for mechanical opening/closing
Robust and durable bearings + shafts
Lockable service flap

Characteristics of electromechanical control unit

Adjustable damping
Connection via 230 V CEE plug
24V (electro)-mechanical control unit
Adjustable relay holding times
Standard fail-open, fail-close module


Forklift pockets
Non-slip concrete flooring
Levelling feet
Crane eyes


Galvanised + powder coated RAL 9005 (matt black)
Galvanised + powder coated RAL colour of choice

Access controls

without access control ⇒ opening/closing by key
RFID reader (single/double-sided) incl. keypad and fingerprint
Access terminal incl. web software and screens
Integration of customer-specific access controls

Further information on access controls

Fence modules

without fence module
Mobile fence module
Double-rod fence modules

Currentless mode

barricaded area

public area

fail open
(currentless open)

fail close
(currentless closed)

public area


The V-turnstile can additionally be equipped with a disinfection dispenser.

Alternatively, the disinfectant dispenser can also be attached to a stand and mounted on the platform.

The V-turnstile can be complemented by a ramp with anti-slip surface and adjustable height. The V-ramp can be easily transported by carrying handles.