RFID pallet


The empty crossbar is unlocked via an RFID chip. The crossbar can then be loaded with the tagged products using a forklift.
After loading, the fencing is sealed so that a record is kept of who loaded the material and at what time.

After the cross beam has been loaded, the lifting system is attached. By inserting it into the provided compartments and connecting the plugs, the system can be moved in a short time.
The lifting beam can now be loaded onto the truck. After loading, the lifting system is removed and safely stowed in the truck.

The truck transports the crossbeam from construction site A to construction site B. During the journey, the battery can be charged via a Nato plug. The traverse can be tracked in the web software,
so you get an overview of where the materials are at the moment.

After reaching the construction site, the lifting system is attached to the truss so that the truck can be used again for other jobs or other prepared trusses in a very short time. One lifting system can be used for different cross beams. The material can now be unloaded after unblocking the fencing.

Lifting system

Lowering of the pallet via lifting system, which can be easily removed and stored in the pallet. Uneven surfaces can be levelled by means of an intelligent control system with floor detection. One foot can be carried by one person or rolled by rollers integrated in the column. The system can also be used for extra high trucks by means of additional telescoping. In addition, a rigid system can be attached. The lifting system can also be used on other pallets thanks to the control system integrated in the feet.

Storage compartment

The lifting system can be securely locked in the pallet.


Battery-operated system. The battery can be charged via a 230V CEE connection or a Nato plug with 24V.
Central control for hub and RFID system. One power source for both systems.


By means of antennas arranged over a wide area, all loaded products are automatically recorded in a pulse reading and passed on to the web software.

Container corners

The removable container corners allow the pallet to be used on both platform and container vehicles.


The ramp is locked with an electronic lock. The lock can be unlocked via an RFID reader. For loading and unloading the pallet, the ramp can be
be driven over with a forklift truck. Two additional antennas in the board wall support the detection of the products.


By fencing the pallet, the loaded products can be transported safely. After unlocking the ramp, the fences are also unlocked.
Optionally configurable without fencing.


Thanks to the roof, which can be removed from the inside without tools, products can also be removed by crane.


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