The V-Turnstile-Guard can be integrated at any point in a V-Guard system. Compared to the V-Turnstile, it offers all-round protection in the truest sense of the word, also against weather influences. Furthermore, it follows the same protective principle of the V-Guard for passers-by in different environments.

The V-Turnstile guards can be configured in our shop.
The surface can be freely configured and according to the V-turn style,
an access control system can be installed.

Technical data


Dimensions LxWxH 2.00×2.00×2.41 m
Weight 1677 kg
Passage width 0.85 m

General characteristics

Profile cylinder for mechanical opening/closing
Robust and durable bearings + shafts
Lockable service flap
Expandable with the V-Guard

Characteristics of electromechanical control unit

Adjustable damping
Connection via 230 V CEE plug
24V (electro)-mechanical control unit
Adjustable relay holding times
Standard fail-open, fail-close module
LED lighting with motion detector


Forklift pockets
Non-slip concrete flooring
Levelling feet
Crane eyes


Galvanised + powder coated RAL 9005 (matt black)
Galvanised + powder coated RAL colour of choice

Access controls

without access control ⇒ opening/closing by key
RFID reader (single/double-sided) incl. keypad and fingerprint
Access terminal incl. web software and screens
Integration of customer-specific access controls

Fence modules

without fence module
Mobile fence module
Double-rod fence modules