We rely on a very modern machine park, which is especially designed for the laser cutting of tubes, cutting and forming of sheet metal and further processing as welded assemblies.
In our Tubeshop24 you can have tubes cut and lasered by us according to your requirements within the shortest possible time.

If you have any questions about the feasibility of a cut, or a special request outside of our tube shop, please feel free to contact us!

Options of our laser machines

Almost any bores and contours
2D and 3D cuts possible
Length of a blank up to 4.5m
Possible tube cross-sections for square tube: 12 - 152.4mm
Possible tube cross-sections for round tube Ø 12 -152.4mm
Grade-free cutting
23kg/m bar weight
Extremely low tolerances
Efficient and fastest possible production

Laser examples