All system versions have in common that they are equipped with RFID technology and communicate with the internet via a GSM antenna. Furthermore, the systems can be located by a GPS antenna. The respective loading area is scanned at defined intervals and passes this information on to the web software to give the user an overview of his materials at all times. The user can thus always make statements about who has unloaded which material, when and where. In addition, all of his construction sites can be viewed in order to optimally plan routes and avoid wrong trips.

RFID pallet

The RFID pallet is the optimal solution if material tracking is to remain as flexible as possible. It combines the advantages of the RFID container and the RFID flatbed, in that the pallet can be moved both with the company's own flatbed trucks and with external traffic by container truck. The optional lifting system makes pre-picking a quick and easy process that can be handled by just one person.


The use of RFID containers makes sense especially if the company infrastructure is already designed to handle sea containers. In combination with our access control, the RFID container offers maximum protection for your products against foreign interference. We can deliver the RFID containers pre-equipped or retrofit existing containers with our RFID technology.

RFID platform

Retrofitting RFID technology in the existing fleet of own platform vehicles is the most cost-effective way to get started with RFID systems. It makes sense especially when it comes to smaller vehicles that cannot load the RFID pallet. This does not change the use of the vehicles in everyday life, as the data is collected automatically in the background.